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Articles below are categories according to the AGES framework which is used through FBA's education program. AGES - Architecture (Systems & Structures), Governance, Entrepreneurship & Stewardship.

Advisers Article A Family Business Consultant: An Option Worth Considering - Greg McCann
Communication Article Key Ingredients for Effective Family Business Conversations - Paul Smith*
Symposium Paper The Experience, Expression and Effects of Anger in Family Business - Christina M. Scott-Young, Sanjeewa Perera, Shruti R. Sardeshmukh
Article Family Business Communication - Angelo Coco*
Dispute Resolution Article Mediation - Jon Kenfield*
Symposium Paper Dispute Resolution in family companies - Professor John H. Farrar & Professor Susan Watson
HR Presentation Employment essentials - Just because he's your brother, he is an employee according to the law - Belinda Winter
Professionalising Article Going into Business with your Partner - Philippa Taylor
Article Why family business needs a specialist adviser - David Harland*
Article A few tips on navigating the complexities of family business - David Harland*
Symposium Paper Impact of Family Involvement on Productivity - Francesco Barbera
Article Governance Practice Tips - Susan Rix*
Presentation Improve Governance and Avoid a Crisis in Your Family Business - presentation by Richard Owens, OAM
Article Governance for family business - Dominic Pelligana*
Symposium Paper Corporate governance quality and voluntary disclosures of corporate governance information Practices of listed Malaysian family controlled businesses - Norziana Lokman, Joseph M Mula & Julie Cotter
Symposium Paper Debating the Model of Relational Governance on Family Firm Performance - Jeff (Tak Man) Lou & Dr Donella Caspersz
Symposium Paper Implementation of Best Practice in Family Business Governance and Management - Sue Prestney
Symposium Paper Decoding Family Businesses The potential of Corporate Governance Guidelines for Family Businesses - Rebecca Hirsch
Symposium Paper Gender Diversity and Family Firm Governance Towards a Research Agenda - Dr Mary Barrett & Professor Ken Moores
Symposium Paper Performance of Family Firms During the Global Financial Crisis Does Governance Matter - Husam Aldamen, Dr Keith Duncan, Dr Simone Kelly & Dr Ray McNamara
Boards Presentation Creating a More Effective Board - presentation by Paul Lucas*
Symposium Paper The function of Supervisory boards in German Family Businesses - An empirical examination from the Agency perspective - Jan Klaus Taenzler
Constitutions Article Family Constitution / Charter - Marina Skinner*
Article Constructing a Family Constitution - KPMG
Article Getting your Ownership Structure Right - Will Taylor
ENTREPRENEURSHIP Symposium Paper Intrapreneurship in Multi-Generational Family Businesses - Robert P. Garrett, Clay Dibrell & Dr Justin Craig
Article Women play an increasing role in family business - David Harland*
Growth Article Venturing beyond the backyard 1 - Dr Chris Graves
Article Venturing beyond the backyard 2 - Dr Chris Graves
Article Venturing beyond the backyard 3 - Dr Chris Graves
Symposium Paper Institutional Influence on "Love Money": Informal Investment to Family, Friends and Strangers across Countries - Professor Kevin Au & Zhujun Ding
Branding Symposium Paper Revealing the family business ownership connection to stakeholders through websites - Dr Isabel C. Botero, Dr Jill Thomas, Dr Christopher R. Graves & Dr Tomasz A. Fediuk
Paper Leveraging family-based brand identity to enhance firm Competitiveness and performance in family businesses - Justin B. Craig, Clay Dibrell & Peter S. Davis
STEWARDSHIP Symposium Paper Implementation by Australian Families in Business of lessons learned from successful long-lasting family businesses - Lucio E Dana & Professor Kosmas X. Smyrnios
Article How family firms improve their communities - David Harland*
Symposium Paper Family Business Internationalisation What we know from 20 years of research - Manuel Eberhard
Symposium Paper The effect of family control and internationalisation on the performance of unlisted firms - Dr. Chris Graves and Dr. Yuan George Shan
Symposium Paper When origins matter An historical perspective of Italian-Australian Family Business in Australia - Laura A. Hougaz & Dr Michela Betta
Employee Share Plans Article Employee Share Plans - Craig West*
Valuation Article Holistic Business Valuation - David Harland*
Article Valuing Your Family Business - Robert Powell*
Symposium Paper Family ownership and the value-relevance of earnings and book value - Tim Hasso
Succession Article Making a Graceful (and Profitable) Business Exit - Lucio E Dana*
Article Overcoming Succession Planning Inertia - Lucio E Dana*
Article Addressing the Challenges of Leadership Succession - James Ramsden
Article The Importance of Succession Planning - Craig West*
Presentation Succession Planning - Tony Fittler
Article Succession Planning - Dominic Pelligana*
GENERAL Symposium Paper Championing Family Business Issues to Influence Public Policy: Evidence from Australia - Justin B. Craig & Ken Moores
Symposium Paper Cultural Perceptions of Succession in Chinese-Australian Family Businesses - Jing Ye, Dr Melissa A. Parris & Associate Professor Dianne Waddell

* Denotes articles are provided by FBA Accredited Advisers. Please note these articles are the opinions of their authors and do not necessarily represent the views of Family Business Australia. It is recommended that families in business seek the advice of an FBA Accredited Adviser for further assistance with their business issues. For more information about accessing an appropriate adviser, please contact your local Executive Officer.

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